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Your Voice, Their World

Your voice can be the hope of the blind.
Your voice can help transform lives. It can bring hope and empower those who are feeling weak to soar and fly beyond their pain.

Nope, I am not kidding when I say this. Whatever you give the Universe, it will bring it back into your life manifold. 

Here’s the action plan to get started:

2. Login with the credentials required.
3. Click on ‘Participate’ in the top menu.
4. Choose to record your own poem or one from the database.
5. If you choose the first option, you will have to submit and type the text of the poem you want to record. This can be a poem you read or somewhere by any poem.
6. If you choose the second option, refer to a list that you can pick and record a poem.
7. Take care to make sure that your environment is quiet and the microphone is turned on.
8. Once done, send out a thanks from your heart to the Universe that gave you this beautiful opportunity to help a visually impaired person’s life. 

Make your voice contribution to the world. With love, make a difference.