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Practice doesn't always make perfect

Brace yourself to read something crazy. You know what? I have always believed that when you have years of solid, dedicated practice with something, particularly in spirituality and in sadhana, it will come to you exactly when you need it.

Recently, a funny thing happened. A bus on which I was traveling suddenly overturned and no, I am safe, fine and nothing happened. Not a scratch or injury. 

But the funny thing is this: Instead of thinking of my Guru instantly or the mantra that I chant relentlessly, I thought of someone. I won't name the person because that is not relevant here. But, truly this is something I wouldn't have expected of me: wanting to reach out to that person just then. Those were my last thoughts at a critical moment.

How ridiculous it seems to me, as a spiritual seeker, that all that I could think of at that time was about someone! Not God, Guru or anything else.

Guess my practice of sadhana is simply not sincere enough. Or else, why would that happen?

Somehow this has shaken me. Still wondering about this. Seriously.


Asha said…
Nothing to be shaken about this, swapna. Your prayers to your guru are so sincere, that he has lent his helping hand even without your asking. He must have been by your side only because of your sincere prayer.

Glad you are not injured in the mishap.
Story Teller said…
this is a great insight. Thanks for sharing. I agree with you
Vishnu said…
Swapna, glad you're ok. SOmetimes, God appears to us in dangerous situations or life-changing moments and sometimes he sends someone on His behalf :) God is in everyone and everywhere right - the person you may thought of may have simply been reflecting God's glory and grace.
@Asha: I have been questioning myself a lot on the quality of my Sadhana and to be honest, I am not doing as well as I should be. Lack of discipline has really affected my Sadhana but I am blessed that I have a very patient and loving Master in Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who lovingly corrects and puts me back on the right path everytime I falter.
@StoryTeller: I actually shared it here because it disturbed me. But its good to know that it resonates with you and others who maybe struggling as much as I am. Cheers!
@Vishnu: You always bring hope, don't you? Makes a BIG difference to people when you do so :) I would like to think so too. Thanks so much for reading and commenting here.