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Life's Lessons: What happens when you make mistakes of another kind?

We always know when we have blundered. The niggling voice of conscience is like a splintered wood embedded in our skin - it can't be lifted that easily. - Ismita Tandon Dhankher  (Source: Femina magazine)

Sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons but later a sliver of doubt resonates deep within and we find ourselves caught in a dilemma of sorts. The mind nudges you in one direction and the heart tugs you in another. Which one do you choose? Probably you would go with what is logical and feels right for your happiness, welfare and that of your family. 

But if you are a spiritual seeker like me, you would probably test your own level of perception and action by doing the unthinkable and seeing what it brings back into your life. In my case, I always go with the flow of the heart even in the trickiest situations. Yes, it means that I make more mistakes than others do. I like learning from those mistakes because it's all about engaging yourself with a learning curve. We never stop learning. And that realization is the best step forward in charting our growth in life at incremental levels.

Then there are also mistakes of another kind - the kind of mistakes that we camouflage into believing that it is not a mistake, that it is another step of reaching towards our happiness and we find ways to justify it even when deep within we are aware that it isn't the right thing to do.

What do you do in situations like that? Do you turn to God, loved ones or close friends for guidance? Do you step back to contemplate on the situation at hand and try to see it with more clarity as witness would so that towards the end you can take a logical decision? And finally, how do you assess your plan of action particularly when it may impact relationships that you value as sacred?

I would love to know your thoughts here.