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Happy Birthday Mummy!

I landed up unexpectedly at my home in Kochi and my mother's first reaction on seeing me arrive at her doorstep was one of fear and worry. I knew instantly what she was worrying about. "Has something gone wrong that my daughter has come home alone unannounced?" is every mom's worst nightmare.  

The first thing I did was to hug my mom and reassure her, "I wanted to be there to celebrate your birthday. Everything's fine. Surprise!"  

On Mom's birthday, my brother Manoj got this beautiful cake for her. We placed it in front of our pooja room, we said our prayers and then my mom cut the cake. Her face had lit up with smiles. That's all I wanted to see. 

Happy Birthday Mummy!


Shilpa Garg said…
I can so relate to the feelings of your Mom. Whenever, I get a call from family and friends at ungodly hours, there is panic in my voice and many-a-times I am rebuked for this! A very happy birthday to your Mom! Have a great time!
Cheers :)
Glad that you made the day very special to your mom!
Susan Deborah said…
Ah, this is what all children love to see -- A smile of happiness and content on their parents' face.

A very happy birthday belatedly to amma.

Best wishes.

Joy always,
Thanks for the thoughtful wishes Shilpa. We had a great time being together and that was the best part of the whole surprise package. :)
It was special being together on her birthday. Thanks for dropping by, Aparna.
Hi Susan, Many thanks for dropping by and sharing the loving wish. And yes, to make our parents happy - that is what we all want to see, touchwood.