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Mankles in the Men's Fashion World: Jyotiraditya is an Early Adopter

Mankles? It's the word that fascinated me. New words entice me because they bring up possibilities in writing. So I read about Mankles. Simply put, these are cropped pants that allow men to expose their ankles. Before you laugh, let me also tell you that mankles have taken the men's fashion world by storm across the world. Celebrities and film stars are loving it too. 
The glitch is that this trend has made socks suffer and therefore in countries like Britain, sales of socks have drastically come down. But this new trend has sparked off another trend- short loader socks that have gained tremendous popularity.
Apparently, this trend is catching up fast in India. Personally, I cannot imagine my  husband or brother or cousins wearing Mankles. But the funny thing is that Adi had adopted the Mankles style nearly three years ago and he called it his new style because he wanted to show off his ankles.


Harisankar said…
Yaa in Middle earth too it was a trend...The Hobbits just loved it !
Ha,ha...good one son's loving it and I am tiring of all arguments that I've been summoning up against Mankles! The funny bit is that he hasn't realized it is a trend.
R. Ramesh said…
hah interesting..swapnaji..
abby said…
It's my first time to hear the word, but when you described it, I'd say such fashion statement has apparently infected my community. A lot of men, especially those who love to add personality in their outfit, have been wearing such kind of pants these days. It's pretty hard to pull off, though.