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Say a Prayer for a Child

This passage I read interested me deeply and it is from Swami Vivekananda's lecture on "The Ideal of Womanhood." It reads as follows:

"The ideal of womanhood in India is that of motherhood...Says our great law giver Manu, giving the definition of an Aryan, 'He is the Aryan who is born through prayer.' Every child who is not born through prayer is illegitimate according to the great law giver. The child must always be prayed for."

I wondered, "Why? So many children are born into this world without being prayed for? What's the spiritual significance?"

Swami Vivekananda explains:
"A child is the manifestation of the greatest prayer between a man and wife, the prayer that is going to bring into this world another soul fraught with tremendous power to do good or evil, to make a difference or to worsen the state of the world. Therefore, parents should pray for every child before it is born."

It is a good idea to let others know the importance of prayer especially with regard to praying for a child. The prayer is a protection, an offering of sincerity and surrender to God as much as it is a plea for goodness to be routed into yourself as an extension of all that you yourselves are as a couple.

As Swami Vivekananda said, we bring into this world a soul that has the power to make a great difference to the world. 

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Sujatha Sathya said…
indeed, it is a soul than can do great things and praying is a sweet form of welcome
R. Ramesh said…
wellmeaning post wishes...
Shanky Jindal said…
Good one...