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Start of the Day: How to See God clearly

Start of the Day is the best time to reflect on God's blessings in one's life. Or, so, I believe.

While growing up, my father constantly told me stories from the life of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. The snippets of discussions, debates and conversations between this great spiritual master and his most renowned devotee formed the foundation of my spiritual curiosity and longing to ‘see’ God. At no point of time, did I give up. I believed then and I believe now that if your longing for God is intense and full of love, you will be able to see God as clearly as you see yourself and others around you in your life.

The question remains: How to see God?

 A follower once asked Sri Ramakrishna, “How can we increase our longing for God?”

This was Sri Ramakrishna’s response, “People shed jugfuls of tears for their wives, children or money but who weeps for God? He who longs for God certainly will find Him. Call on Him with a longing heart. You will see him.”

He also said, “You may ask, ‘If worldly life is so difficult, then what is the way/’ The way is constant practice.”


KParthasarathi said…
Very true.The incessant practice to meditate on Him,sing His praises and constantly see His presence in and around you should eventually take you nearer to Him
Mélange said…
Truly..Loved this one Swapna..have a meaningful day ahead.