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Life's Lessons & Experiences: Should it be shared with others?

Whenever I am tempted to share some of the beautiful spiritual experiences I have had or sometimes about the wonderful, inspiring people I have met (the rare kind of people who never show off and never advertise how they change the lives of others and make it better, you know what I mean), I think to myself, "No matter what I say, people won't change. Perhaps I wont change either.But if my experiences from life could be written down, wont it make a difference to me when I am feeling low? Or maybe, help me in my 'experiments with Truth' or be of some value to another seeker who is treading a difficult path. 

A selfish thought occurs. Maybe decades after I am gone, my son and his children can read it and feel me speaking to them, sharing my little learnings with them. It may not be the guiding light in their life but it will still be a positive connection, a bond from the beyond. 

But another doubt remains, "Will they believe my spiritual experiences unless they have experienced it themselves?Will they connect to some of the wonderful souls I have met when they didn't meet such people themselves?"

So, while these thoughts are swirling about in my mind, I read these lines in a finely written, brilliant book called "The Bastard of Istanbul" which echoed my dilemma itself: 

"When you didn't tell anyone the extraordinary, everyone assumed the normal."

What do you say?What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to know.


Raji said…
I've felt the same so many times, but finally, I've had decided to write with one thought - Even if it is not valuable to everyone who reads it, even if it does not serve as a bond from beyond for all those closed ones who read it, it doesn't hurt to pen down such experiences for it will definitely make a difference in at least one person. That's my view.
Raji, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Will keep it in mind for sure.
Ajith said…
i m thinking of creating email id from my 5 yr old son and writing one email to that id once in a week nad give it to him on his 18th birthday..........its a fast world and no one including the kids hav time to look bk at the sacrifice done by parents and appreciate need to stay ahead of the times...
Hi Ajith, That is a good idea. Why don't you do that and also create a blog where you dedicate your conversations/thoughts/life's experiences as you'd want to narrate to your son. Growing up, sons are always inspired by their dads than anyone else. This way, you would inspire him forever. You can keep the blog closed to the public and just give your son the access. U would be gifting him with a priceless legacy! All the best!