A Book Review: Samira's Awful Lunch by Bharathi Jagannathan and Preethi Krishnamurthy

A book review for you, dear reader.

At the World Book Fair 2012, I bought a lot of books for my son, Jyotiraditya who loves it when I read out books to him. Wherever we go, I always tuck in two books for him in my bag. And I read out to him whenever he asks.  I make sure I keep two new books always because it is wonderful to see my son's surprise and enthusiasm when he sees it. Today, when we went out and were at McDonalds, Adi suddenly asked me if I could read something out to him. I took out a book that I had bought for him. I wasn't sure if he would like it.

Titled "Samira's Awful Lunch," the book is short, simple and well conceptualized. It is written by Bharathi Jagannathan and Preeti Krishnamurthy. Pratham Books is the publisher.  

The story talks about a problem we, as parents, tackle every day - kids who don't like to eat veggies.

The story revolves around Samira who doesn't like to eat healthy food.She tells her mom that upma tastes like wet sand and idlies are like balls - you can toss them,  catch them in the air but don't eat them! As I read it, I could see my son 'connecting' with Samira totally! He was sympathizing with her 100%!

I wondered to myself:how will the story move on?

It moved very well. Samira meets interesting characters who give her other food options.The options are logical from their perspective but it makes Samira realize that the options her mom gives her is more suited to her palate. 

Moral of the story: Veggies taste a lot better and healthier than you think.

When the story ended, Adi said, "Please read it again. One more time."


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That's really cute...

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