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How to run without letting your enemy catch up with you

I have not read a book by Thomas Perry before but I picked 'Runner' up because the plot excited me. It was about a fiercely independent Native American guide called Jane Whitefield who has an unusual profession. She helps people run to places so that they can disappear from their identity forever. The book, besides being a stunning, gripping thriller, also serves as a fantastic guide to be ahead of one's enemies in every way possible  way.
The story takes off when Jane finds herself helping a pregnant girl to run and escape from a bunch of hired hunters who are out to kill her. The girl is young and Jane keeps giving her tips on how to be ahead of the enemies once she's alone.
Here are some tips that I liked and thought I'd share with you: 
1. Don't want to be noticed by enemies? Look for signs that a place is safe before you even turn off your engine. Leave your car where its less conspicuous.
2. Do what it takes to defend yourself. A gallon of coffee won't kill anybody but it could send the person to a hospital.
3. It's important to walk through the world with your eyes open. You'll see danger ahead of time and you'll always find ways to escape.
4. Always take precautions that fit your situation. The point is to take every option that is available.
5. When running for a new identity, remember that any manufactured identity can be penetrated but most aren't. Why? Because all you have to do is behave in a way that makes everyone around you want you to succeed because you are nice to people and your presence doesn't threaten anyone.
Last but not the least, Jane tells the girl who is running away from the enemies, "They're dogs, we are rabbits. If the dog wins once, he gets to eat the rabbit. If the rabbit wins, all he gets is a chance to go on being a rabbit."
The book's a real treasure. Read it if you can. There's so much more in this book about human behavior that you'll love reading it. 


Imp's Mom said…
sounds interesting. What's the name of the book?
Sounds very interesting. I will certainly read it. I trust your judgment because I once read a review of a Malayalam film "Salt and Pepper"on your blog and watched it. It was really nice! So obviously we have the same taste!
Haddock said…
Some good and valid points here .....
Imp's Mom:Thanks for dropping by, Runner is the title of the book.

Meera: Hey, thanks. Glad you liked Salt N Pepper. Hope you like Runner too.

Haddock: Good escape tips, right? :)