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How to fry brinjal with minimum oil

Most Indians love to make some type of baingain (brinjal/aubergine) fry or the other. The preparation differs from region to region. However, as we become more calorie-conscious, we worry about eating delicious food and how to balance the amount of oil that is used to make them. According to Mallika Basu, author of the very popular, enticing cookbook, Miss Masala, here's an easy, healthy and effective tip to keep in mind:

"The trick to frying aubergines quickly and with minimum oil is to soak them in cold salted water beforehand. This prevents them from absorbing all oil in the pan and lying around uselessly for ages, refusing to cook."

Grab a copy of Mallika Basu's Miss Masala - Real Indian Cooking for Busy Living - that is full of peppy recipes that are easy to make, tasty to eat and has healthy tips for cooking too. I love the way she writers her recipes, it's like reading your best friend's confessions. Once you try out her recipes, you will have guests asking you to share them because her recipes are very delicious and easy to make. I must admit this: I've not had the courage to make her signature dish, Anda Raita, which has eggs in delicious raita. It's supposed to be one of the best and easiest dishes to make especially if you like serving biriyani to your guests.

The recipes that I made from Miss Masala - Real Indian Cooking for Busy Living and it turned out lip smacking delicious are:
  • Keema Matar - Minced meat with fresh peas and coriander
  • Dal Palak - Lentils cooked with spinach and aromatic garlic
  • Murgh Masala - The ultimate simple but tasty chicken curry

So, go fry the brinjals without worry and don't miss a chance to buy this book. You'll be able to show off your culinary skills even if they are non-existent to begin with (as is in my case!). Good luck!

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