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How optimistic/pessimistic are you?

One of my friends on Twitter and now Facebook, Jeena R Papaadi put an update on Facebook stating, "Optimism is like a spoilt child, who shoves food away when we try to spoon-feed it, remains defiant and refuses to grow despite our best efforts. Pessimism, on the other hand, is well-nourished, takes care of itself and grows at the speed of light."

All my life, I've been an optimist even in the most trying circumstances. I've developed it as an armor against all the struggles, tests and trials of life at every point. While I believe it has helped me grow, Jeena's point interested me that pessimism is well-nourished, takes care of itself and grows at the speed of life.

Another friend Shalini Puthiyedam stated in response, "Okies...coz I think this failing to say "I can" is a problem with perfectionists. :) Always tend to feel it is not the best result. So many a time I feel it is more perfectionism than pessimism that impedes progress."

That perspective from Shalini brought me a kind of new perspective to the topic. The fun part of being on Facebook is that these discussions happen real time and one gets an idea of how different people from one's own circle feel about these things based on their own experiences in life.  Shalini's point hit home, so to speak. Why?

I've been writing poetry, short stories and novels from the age of five. My parents always encouraged me. I have many publisher-friends who keep telling me to send in my work. I never do. I collect my works, keep them with me, read them on and off but I don't send it to any publisher because I feel it's not yet 'perfect.' I keep striving for perfection to be applied to something I am intent on bringing out into the world. I cannot simply let go believing it has a destiny of its own.

Shalini's observation on Jeena's update on optimism and pessimism is that it isn't pessimism that impedes progress, it is perfection. In my case, I'm bound to agree.
Tell me your thoughts on this. Any interesting quotes, observations and comments? I'd love to hear.


Jeena R Papaadi said…
Yes indeed, the overlap of perfectionism and pessimism was a new thought for me too! Thanks to Shalini for bringing it up.