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Start of the Day: Do Cities have souls with memories?

At the start of the day, I thought about cities and wondered. Do cities and places have souls like we do? Or so, I’ve always felt when I think of my love for Kochi though people say it is fast becoming a place that is flawed and devoid of what it once represented to its residents.

When I read Orhan Pamuk’s words, it struck me that I was not nutty at all. In fact, he thinks the same too.

“There are two ways of looking at cities. The first is that of the tourist, the newly arrived foreigner who looks at the buildings, monuments, avenues and skylines from outside. There is also the inside view, the city of rooms in which we have slept of corridors and cinemas and old classrooms, the city made up of the smells and lights and colors of our most cherished memories. To those viewing them from outside, one city can seem much like the next, but a city’s collective memory is its soul and its ruins are its most eloquent testimony.”

How do you view/experience your city? 


R. Ramesh said…
ya..i luv hyperactive soul...but there r cities that dont have a soul..dont wanna name them here..
SweetMelody said…

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My greetings from France!
I live in Limoges France
After visiting your blog, I could not leave without putting a comment.
I congratulate you on your blog!
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good day
Thanks Ramesh Ji. My favorite city, as you may have guessed, is Kochi. I too have a list of cities that I feel don't have a soul but ahem, I am not about to spill the beans yet:)
@Sweet Melody - thanks very much, wish you the same too!