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Merry Merry Christmas 2011

Dear Friends,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family members and loved ones. For me, it was one of the best Christmas days I've had in quite some time because it was mostly about yummy food. I know that it is not what Christmas is about but this time, I let go and became a total foodie thanks to hunger pangs, so to speak:)

Lunch was just divine, so I stuffed myself. There was lovely red wine that sparkled and tasted like bliss with every sip. The plum cake had the distinct taste of rum and it was yummylicious! 

Fish cutlets topped my favorite dish of the day. They seemed to melt and yet be crisp when you bit into the texture of it. Then, there was fluffy, hot appams, vegetable pulav, mutter paneer, chicken do pyaz, mutton curry, mixed vegetables in dark oyster sauce, crisp pappadams that crackled with every bite and of course, the pristine raita.

Piping hot paalada is what I had at the end of this awesome Christmas feast. Obviously, I was stuffed like a turkey by the end of the Christmas meal! And at night, I slept like a log because I had eaten to my heart's content.

How was your Christmas?


KParthasarathi said…
Belated Christmas wishes.
You seem to have had a sumptuous Christmas feast!!I love palaada as a dessert.
Hi Swapna, wow it seems you have a food feast along with the Christmas, mouth watering items especially the non-veg.

nice to know that u enjoyed it well..

i tried for the cake but didnt make it :( lazyyy u knw :(

belated wishes dear..
R's Mom said…
What an awesome X Mas..and the food is so so know I dont even eat non veg..but the way you describe it...yummm :)
Haddock said…
That is a coincidence because we too had Fish cutlets...... :-)