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R.I.P. Steve Jobs & What Death teaches us

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs - you've created more than an Apple for the world. Before you departed, you've created a whole new world.

Today, I believe that Death is a great teacher whom we don't have to fear. Reason? Because life is a preparation for a new beginning after death. A caterpillar has no growth if it remains a caterpillar, does it? It has to shed its existing body to rise anew. Instead of running away from what it represents, we need to prepare our life for the truth called Death, with every breath we take, every step we take and every action we decide to go forward with.

As Steve Jobs say, there's no time to waste & there's no reason not to follow your heart.
The choice is ours.


Hi Swapna, choice is ours and when we do it rightly as per our heart, it will be the best start to do anything..
Sreetama said…
Very well written. Though I have never used any Apple product personally but I have huge respect for the late Steve Jobs. His life, his sayings inspired me & still inspires me a lot.
@Pramoda - True, but we always tend to put off things, even the simplest ones, for another day and that day comes too late. Wish I worked on getting things done when it has to be done.

@Sree - Same here. He inspired the world.