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Happy Birthday Mommy

Mother is that special, incredible & irreplaceable person in your life who can completely turn your world around and be there for you when no on else cares to. From a fiery, trendy and highly stylish young woman who played terrific basketball and knew the right dance moves and had the audacity to assert that she'd absolutely no belief in God, my mother's journey to becoming a woman of traditional values, materialistic restraint and spiritual strength is nothing less than incredible and amazing. But that calls for a separate post altogether so I won't go into that:)

Mommy, you've taught me so much about life and relationships without saying a single word. Your life - the simplicity, the way you've led it, prioritized it and valued your relationships with such dignity - tells me more than any book in the world. And by now, I am sure you are smiling and I've got to tell you - I've always wished I had your seductive smile! I'd have been a cool cat, rock star by now if I did:)

What I love most about you, Mummy, is you've never told me to do something because you want it done. You've never interfered in my life or told me do this, do that. You've raised me to do the right thing always and most importantly, live the way I want to. The right human values that you taught me forms the strength of my roots.

I know that many times you were told by people, "Why educate daughters much? Marry them off as fast as possible." But you always had a clear vision of your daughters' strengths. We love you for not giving in to those silly nags whoever they are.

Like you always wanted, both your daughters are self-reliant professionals - one in the media and the other in the field of medicine. I am not saying this with any ego but with a sense of gratitude that my sister and I feel towards our parents. Because of them, we, the two daughters, are  happy, confident and well-settled individuals in our professions. If my mother hadn't given us the right values, we may not have visualized our growth in life the way we do today.

Most importantly, Mommy - you've raised both your daughters as down-to-earth individuals who can intelligently and compassionately connect to people. That's the best thing a mother can do for her children and my mom, in her own silent way, has done it. I suspect you got that from our dear sweetie pie Ammukutty:)

Happy Birthday, Mommy! We all LOVE you to bits! But that doesn't mean you can have the whole chocolate cake, okay? Save a generous slice for me!

Love you, Mommy!


Vidya said…
Mummies are awesome:) Warm Birthday wishes to your mom!
That's an awesome read dear.. happy B'day to your mom..;)
Sreetama said…
Very touchy post. Belated happy birthday to Aunty!
harimohan said…
thats great Swapna
nice to know about chechi
@Vidya - thank you very much.

@BeingPramoda - thank uuuu

@Sree - thanks a ton sree

@Harimohan uncle - thanks, i am really glad you liked it.