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Art and Craft, School Project: How we got a Giraffe to look Bright and Save Carbon!

Here's another art and craft project that Adi had got from his school. So, let me explain how we worked on it. He was given a printout of a giraffe's image and told to do something creative to make it look interesting and environment-friendly.

I was like "How can you make a giraffe look interesting? All i have is a printout."

Well, then I spotted an old birthday wrapping paper that looked flowery and I showed it to Adi and we both liked the idea of putting that as a kind of background for the giraffe. So first, Adi colored the giraffe in shades of yellow and brown. Then he stuck the giraffe onto this wrapping paper. But I felt though it looked good, something was still missing. That's when I fished into the Lindt Box and saw a green post card promotional that was about saving electricity and carbon. The context was different of course but I liked the message that it was giving.

So, I cut it and Adi pasted it. It felt perfect.

What do you think?


R's Mom said…
Were you always so creative or is it thanks to Adi :) its super awesome rey
Sreetama said…
It looks soo nice! :)
R's Mom: I was and am very bad with these kind of creative projects. Being with Adi has helped me a lot because he has creative ideas and I love the encouragement he gives me when I share my ideas with him.

Vidya: thanks

Sree: thank u sree
Tan said…
You are a creative person :)

Really loved this!!! I think getting involved in Adi's projects might be helping you to let your creative juices flow.