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What about Faith?

Faith plays a great role in our reactions and responses to the tumultous ups and downs of life. It helps us traverse through rocky navigational paths, taps the hidden reservoir of strength that lies within us and much more. But we don't really acknowledge it.

Once, while going through a difficult time, I went to a chapel that happened to be closest to where I was staying. I prayed before the image of Jesus Christ. I felt unsure. I had no candles. I wasn't kneeling or chanting a Christian prayer or hymn. But I felt the love and faith surging within me.

So I prayed, "Jesus, I realize I don't know how you'd want me to pray to you. Right now, I am praying the way I want. Tell me should I bring candles next time? Is that how you'd want me to pray?"

Then I felt silly. As if Jesus is going to listen to such nonsensical ramblings, I thought to myself.

                                                                          [Image: Unsplash]

But he did.

The next morning, there was a handwritten note left on my desk, which said, "Have faith, Jesus is with you. "

I was told that a nun had come and placed it there. I didn't meet the nun. I have no idea who she is or why she chose to keep that handwritten note for me. Logically, there's no explanation.

But in my heart of hearts, I believe it was the answer of Jesus to a simple question that I had asked out of love.  [Do Read: Guru Nanak Dev in My Life]

It meant everything to me that God listens to what we say, even our smallest, seemingly silliest doubts! 

One step. That's all it takes. But we hesitate to take that one step. Has something like this ever happened to you?

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Haddock said…
Sometimes just sitting in a church or chappel all alone makes a lot of difference......
I am not the "regular church goer" but usually pop in whenever I pass by and just sit there in solitude.
Hi Swapna, never to me it happened, actually i do not have belief in god, but i heard people saying something like this happened to them too..

i think when we are at the edge of desperation we get ways to go out, i'm not sure who gifts that to us..\

anyway.. nice to know that u r feeling good now..:)

Be happy dear..
@Haddock - yes, that's true...thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, felt good to read.

@Being Pramoda - Thanks for the openness with which you've talked. To believe or not believe is an individual's choice. It's not something any individual can intervene or should intervene with. But as you know, in my life, the choice I have made regarding God is one that has helped me to grow, become a better person and work towards becoming a useful person to the society though I don't know whether the pace is going as well as I want. But one thing I can affirm is that I try very hard to do my best and nevertheless, God is kind enough to take care of the rest. Thanks for dropping by, dear.