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Jyotiradiya (Adi) becomes Balram for a day

Schools all over the country are celebrating the birthday of Lord Krishna (also called Janmashtami) by making the little ones dress up as Krishna.

It happens that I had gone for an urgent three day trip to Kochi and come back and next day, Adi's off to school. I get a teacher's note saying he should dress up for the occasion. I know I need to get him a flute and a crown of feather but I am back home at six thirty, dead tired after a hard day's work and I need to sit with Adi to help him catch up with all the lessons he missed while we were in Kochi. So, I decide that I will dress him up well in the traditional attire but I won't go to the market for the feather. The very act would drain my energy further and by the time I get back, Adi would be too tired to do his homework.

So, now, D-day comes. I got Adi dressed up in a traditional Krishna costume that we had bought during my recent trip from Guruvayoor, the famous Krishna temple in Kerala. I put a little bit of eyeliner very lightly over Adi's eyes despite his stern protests that "I am a boy, only girls wear eyeliner" and little dash of rouge.

When I saw the makeover, I felt dizzy. I have such a sweet-looking daughter before me. So, off Adi goes to school.

When I see him in the evening, he isn't too pleased. He says, "Amma, they made me act as Balram on stage."

I said, "Wow, Adi, thats wonderful. Did you enjoy acting as Balram?"

Pat comes the reply, "No, Amma. If you had remembered to put peacock feathers in my bag, they would have made me act as Krishna."



Tan said…
Kids are very smart these days!!!
Sreetama said…
Aww Adi! So sweet of him to say, "I am boy!" And I hope next time he can play the role of Lord Krishna with lot of Gopis to accompanying him!!!
Very shall be encouraged to do such :) well done yar...
@Tan - yes, I find myself struggling to be alert!

@Sreetama - LOL!

@BeingPramoda - I am hoping that by next year, he will forget this year's memory lapse:)