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Classical Music Maestro Kavalam Srikumar launches online music lessons

I had heard a lot of good things about the young Classical music singer - Kavalam Srikumar and about his highly respected, illustrious father - Padmabhushan Sri Kavalam Narayana Panikkar, an icon one hears about in hushed, respectful tones for such is his stature as a famous Theater Director and Poet. My father is a person who has tremendous respect for creative artists and musicians. Together, we used to listen to Kavalam Sri Kumar's classical music, particularly the distinctive and powerful energy vibes of his that brings to life the rendering of scriptures such as the Ramayana, Bhagawatham, Lalita Sahasranamam, devotional bhajans and much more. His voice is powerful, clear and there's a purity about it that's hard to express in words. You have to listen to his music to understand what I mean.
Among my favorites, I love the way he has sung  "Radhika Jeevana."

For those who love Classical music, there's nothing better than using a golden opportunity to learn from Kavalam Srikumar himself.  If you have kids who are musically inclined, this is a real opportunity for them to learn from some one who's considered a master in the musical realm.  Yes, you heard me right. He has launched online music classes that will be conducted for an hour daily through Skype or Gmail chat. 

For more details, you can mail him directly:  


Asha said…
Is he the same as playback singer srikumar who comes as judge on idea supersinger?

My daughter is learning carnatic too. she is in the 8th year.
Rachna said…
Are you aware of any Hindustani classical singing classes online?
Sorcerer said…
yes..thats really nice
thanks for the info.
Hi Asha, No, the playback singer you are referring to is MG Sreekumar. Why don't you contact Kavalam Sri Kumar on the email id I have given in the post? Make enquiries and decide if it suits your daughter. All the best to her!
Rachna, thanks for dropping by. No, I am not aware but I will keep a watch out since you've asked.
@Sorcerer - Glad you found the info useful. Do stop by again.