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Some Art & Craft & Yummy Kulfi!

Here are some pics that I clicked when I went to see an Indian cultural festival called JayaUtsav in New Delhi that showcased Indian art, craft, dance, story telling and music from different states. 

Artisans from different states showcased their work.


Here, you can find artists at work.

                                                       I wish they smiled though.

This lady in the green saree was an amazing performer and entertainer. Narrating Harikatha, she made it so lively and interesting, bursting into song, tears and laughter as she got into the mood of the story. The elite audience were mesmerized by her performance and her theatrical style of performing with such confidence. 

And here, you can see my little prince enjoying the kulfi - while I am left with the camera to click this happy, delectable & mouth-watering kulfi shot! Some one, fetch me a kulfi please!!!


Zeba said…
Lovely pictures. And the kulfi. Sigh.
Harish said…
great clicks..
Tan said…
Nice snaps.... Looks like you guys had a great time :-)
Thanks Zeba! Yep, the kulfi's really tempting.

Harish - thanks!

Tan - Yep, we sure did have a great time!
AS said…

awesome art :)

Kerala is really gos's own country. The tourism industry there is on a spurt!
@AS - Thanks for commenting. This took place in Delhi and it showcased artists across the country.