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Back to Petals!

Yesterday, I decided to stop blogging. It was a decision that was not taken in haste. But I found myself totally miserable and upset with myself after deciding so. This place, Petals!, is my home, where my dreams, aspirations and thoughts fly around like kites in the sky. I couldn't simply walk off. No. 

This morning, I was still unsure. I felt that maybe I should simply let go and then deep within, I knew that I couldn't.

A tweet that I saw from a dear friend on Twitter, You-know-whu, inspired me deeply and  made me make up my mind, his tweet goes like this "There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did and who always will."

I know that Petals! is one of the things that matters a lot to my happiness of being in this world and I decided that I'd come back and be here no matter what.

It's my home and this is where I belong. And yes, I deleted my previous post because I don't ever want to be reminded of it.


R's Mom said…
Thank God for that! I am glad you decided to come back...we love your posts and petals okie?
Asha said…
That's the spirit, swapna. Go on girl, rock the blogsville with your spirited and warm posts.

I'm waiting for your post.
Vidya said…
Keep writing Swapna!
Raji said…
I like your way of writing and wish to see more posts from you. Glad that you came back! Keep writing Swapna!
Nitha said…
Good decision Swapna..
Love you all & so grateful to have your support.
Neha Jain said…
even i got disappointed when i read first line as even i love your, when i read full post, i took a sigh of, please continue writing as i really love your write-up.
Rohit Dassani said…
come on.... dont ever think of doing that.... just write whatever u feel like.... we all love Petals!!
Thanks a ton, Neha!

Cheers to you for the warm reassurance,Rohit!
Shafi said…
A lot of things can happen over a beer ;) .. dont quit. Keep the blogging.
Thanks Shafi for the encouraging words!
- Sugar Cube - said…
It happens.. you think not to blog...but you come back ..coz like you said its the place where you belong :)

Keep blogging
Rachna said…
I missed your previous post so I don't know where the disappointment stemmed from. Personally, there have been times and after some posts that I've felt that it is not worth blogging. But, it actually is because this truly is one space we call our own. And, those who don't like have an option to not visit -- rude but true. Happy that you have put the unpleasant episode behind you. Welcome back :).
Thank you, Rachna. Am so glad its over too.