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Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

As I grow older, I am able to look back at my growing years with more clarity. I realise that the happiest moments in my life are rooted to Swami. I grew up under His protective gaze. While my intentions have always been good, the mistakes I have made are many yet Swami has never lost his patience with me or given up on me. His loving gaze has always protected me. 

                                            [Image Source: Radio Sai ]
This is one of my favourite pictures of Swami during his early years. I love gazing at the old black and white pictures. His eyes sparkle and his smile shines with moon-like radiance. His joyous state is full of amazing energy. The wisdom is there for all to see. 

In a book written by Nimmi Kanwar titled, 'A Guru remembers her Sadguru', she shares interesting experiences with Swami. One such experience is when she was serving as Seva Dal during Swami's visit to Delhi and Shimla and she mentions how Seva Dals used to feel irritated when the famous columnist Khushwant Singh used to make attempts to see Swami in person. The Seva Dals felt bad because he used to write awful articles about Swami after meeting him yet Nimmi Kanwar mentions that each time, Swami would tell them to send Khushwant Singh in to meet him. Swami cared for everyone as His own - those who abused Him and those who loved Him. More importantly, Swami was always unaffected by how others 'judged' Him and Swami never judged others.

My deepest regret is that I could not witness those golden years but whenever I close my eyes, I visualise how those years would have been like. I can then see Swami's smiling face as you can see in the picture below. He always taught us to be not attached to the form yet I find myself unable to detach myself. The moment I see a glimpse of Swami, my eyes are glued to the splendor of His form.

I have no words but to thank Swami with all my heart for everything He has blessed me with in my life. My struggles taught me to take refuge in His name. My pain taught me to trust in His loving and protective care. 

Whenever I have felt alone and abandoned in the tough phases of my life, it is Swami's love that helped me to move forward, taking one baby step at a time. 

The most amazing thing about Swami is this - He loves you completely, without holding back or expecting anything from you. When He is with you, everything falls into place, like in a divine play.

Thank you, my beloved Swami, for blessing this world with such unconditional love and for teaching us: "Love all, Serve all.''


Atlanta Roofing said…
To all who listen to their hearts,, Sai Baba only gave his deepest examples of love,, that’s all we have to do as a planet, as a civilization, just love will set u free, he has been freed of his duties because of all the love he has spread and I hope all the people will realize that all they have to do in their own way is give love to all that need it…thank u Sai for being in love with all of us and guiding those who search for a better world.. May love be within us all. You may Rest in Peace.
Thank you @Atlanta Roofing
GOLDENLION2006 said…
U say that Babaji loved
without expecting
anything in return. This is called "AVYAAJA KARUNA". There is no quid pro quo. True saints r like that. Chrstians say that JESUS is their lord & saviour. Ur God, lord, saviour & guardian angel is Bhagawan Baba.