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Why does it hurt?

A very close friend of mine got married.  That's great news. I am happy for the couple and sad about how we have begun to communicate to our friends and loved ones.  

If we are angry, we use Facebook to send out angry messages rather than just sit down like normal people do and talk common sense. Or maybe common sense isn't so common anymore. I don't know how communication works these days.

Call this sentimental bullshit. Call it old fashioned values, which I am usually guilty of. But it hurt like hell to be hearing this piece of important, good news first through Facebook.  

If you were me, you would probably be more balanced than upset about it, right? That's what I am thinking right now to console myself.


Rohini Prasanth said…
swapna, I think your feelings are not misplaced. somehow it has become ok nowadays to center everything around FB. I have myself come to know about a couple of my friend's weddings through FB. of course, of these some where close, some where out of touch. In the former case I was as angry as you - it is equivalent to getting to know the good news through the mouth of a stranger. in the latter case, I was happy to know the news, and assure myself that i was still part of their life.
I feel we are giving FB too much importance, and forgetting the good old days of shooting an email, chatting on the phone.. I guess I should not even dream about the snail mail. the only things that get posted nowadays - anywhere other than the FB wall - are bills. sigh.
Yes, that is true....thanks Rohini for sharing your insights and personal experience with makes sense.
J said…
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