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Thank you Twitter and Facebook

Thank you, my dear friends, for the overwhelming support and encouragement that you gave me in promoting and discussing my post "While Jyotiraditya Sleeps" - both on Facebook and Twitter. The responses, the feedback and the feelings that came through were so overwhelming.

I wish i could capture it all but i don't want to take up a lot of your mindspace and time. But among the many responses that I got on Twitter and Facebook, one comes to immediate recall with this message from Ashwin Issac, a fine young writer in the making whom I 've been fortunate to know through Twitter. 

He stated, "The post tells me a lot more of a mother's emotion to her son. Whatever I missed to see in Mom, I saw after reading this. Thanks a lot!"

As a writer, this comment is every writer's secret dream. To be heard by a wide cross section of people across the world, to be able to transform our thoughts into their action sphere and in the process, to be able to inspire them to forge new dreams and relationships. That is the core dream that spurs on writers to write what they do - it's about making other people's aspirations and dreams come true.

For me, the encouragement and positive feedback that I've been receiving from Twitter and Facebook cannot be captured in sufficient words.

All i can say is the two words that must be said though they fail to capture the emotion with which I am saying it, "Thank you." 


Ashwin said…
OMG! Been running my eyes through your blog posts and that's when I noticed this! When did you write this? LOL

Anyways thanks a lot for the special mention. Made my day :)