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Jyotiraditya makes a Birthday Card for Ma'am

Today was Adi’s classteacher’s birthday. Yesterday evening, he was excited about it and wanted to make her a card. He had homework to do and preparations for his class test so we couldn’t help him to make the card.

Guess what? In the morning, he realizes this and begins to cry and rave and rant about wanting to give his ma’am a card. So, we quickly make our own B’day Card for Ma’am. It turned out pretty.

We cut out a small patch of pink glossy paper, the kind that is durable and one that you can use for projects and stuff. From a magazine recipe that was part of a write up on Valentine’s  day, we cut out the beautifully designed words ‘I Love You’ in 3D cube like image. We cut it small and stuck it on the pink glossy paper. We wrote nicely beneath, “Happy Birthday, Ma’am.” It didn’t even take five minutes to complete.

Then, inside, I wrote a happy birthday message for Ma’am, also thanking her for teaching so many valuable lessons during the year and for giving so much support and encouragement. I asked for her blessings in Adi’s life always because a teacher is also a life giver, someone who sets the right foundation early in a child’s life and I believe that.

Adi loved the card and took it to school happily. He presented it to Ma’am and he told me that she was overwhelmed with happiness. This is what Adi said, “Ma’am took my card, opened it and smiled so much. Then, she closed the card and gave me a kiss on my cheek! Everyone was looking”

A blush in Jyotiraditya’s cheeks and pride clearly evident in his voice. “No one gave Ma’am a card, only I did. Ma’am told me, Jyotir, I am so happy that you made this card for me on my birthday, thank you so much.”

Little gestures matter a lot in building and nurturing strong relationships. Somewhere, somehow, my five year old has sensed this early in life.


Rohini Prasanth said…
Adi is such a sweet kid! I am sure his teacher will remember it all through her life. It is a very nice gesture and speaks volumes of your kid's pure heart. you ought to give yourself a pat on the back :)
R's Mom said…
Awww! thats so sweet...something to cherish all your life :)
@Rohini - thanks, I think she was overwhelmed and I hope she will bless him with all her heart.

@R's Mom - thanks, wish I could be a teacher too, when I see instances like this. To be loved by innocent children is such a blessing from God.