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Robin Hood Review of Malayalam Movie Directed by Joshey

When I was a kid, I had heard so much about the heroism of Robinhood - The Prince of Thieves, the robber who stole from the rich so that he could share it with the poor. However, when I opted to watch Joshey's movie, Robinhood - The Prince of Thieves - I had mixed feelings about the way the protagonists were depicted.

The story revolves around Ventakesh (starring Prithviraj) who is a Physics professor but that is just his disguise because after midnight, he is a professional criminal who robs huge sums of money from a bank's ATM. The Assistant Commissioner of Police (starring Jayasurya) is baffled about the increasing number of incidents, following which the bank appoints a private detective called Felix (starring Naren) who happens to be the ACP's enemy number one. The private detective has a great time, flirting with his lady assistant (starring Bhavna) and becoming a great friend to the neighbor, yes, the Physics Professor.

The plot is so obvious and amateurish that it doesn't take a genius to figure out what happens next. The predictability of the protagonists fail to impress. The supporting characters speak and behave artificially. There is no quality or in depth feel to their characterizations. The overall script and plot lacks originality. It seems like a rehash of several movies and that too, a very bad mishmash.

As a viewer, the saddest part about watching this movie is that so much talent has been wasted and that is just not justifiable. The raw talent of young actors like Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Narein, Bhavna and Samvrutha remained underutilized from start to finish, but yes, if you want to admire these young icons through the well choreographed peppy song sequences, its worth wasting two or more hours on this movie.

Otherwise, spend your time, wisely.


I wish more success to that movie.