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Adi as a Hunter

I was so thrilled when I found this old pic of Adi. He had to dress up as a hunter for a sports day cultural event in school. It took ages to get him into this costume because obviously, he wasn't too thrilled about it initially.

Then, we got him excited by describing the adventurous life of a hunter (personally, I don't endorse hunting) and we got him ready for his performance in school. 

While he was performing, my heart was beating so loudly that I feared everyonelse in school would hear it too:)


R. Ramesh said…
wow the hunter boy..remembered the tamil film vettaikaran by mgr...gr8 ya...and thanks for all the encouragement boss..u r sweet...wish yr near ones the very best
Vidya said…
Adi is so adorable! The tiniest hunter ever:)
@ RRamesh - thank you...wonderful to hear from you as always.

@Vidya - ya, thanks dear.
- Sugar Cube - said…
Cue pic!! :)

My bro's 5 yrs old :) If I have to convince him of doing something..I too have to add a lot of special effects - drama :D
@Sugar Cube - so sweet, yea, i know wat u mean:)