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The Secret is Love

Nothing in life prepared me for falling in love for the simple reason that I had always thought that love was meant for reel and not for real. Funny, the opponent became the proponent. Today, I strongly believe that love is the only way to build a life together. Of course, there are ups and downs that are like waves, sometimes they take your breath away and leave you frightened and helpless and vulnerable. But that's the beauty of life. You've got to believe in rising over those ups and downs. And, the one thing that can make it all worthwhile is love, being able to find and share love with someone who you know is the only one.

The secret to life is not in your plea for happiness or in your desperate quest for finding it somehow, somewhere. It all starts in that golden space you forget to look into - that's your heart, the threshold of everlasting joy.  It's always been there but guess what? You never looked there.

This time, try.



Shweta said…
Loved this line - 'It's always been there but guess what? You never looked there.'

It's so true until it happens to us , we feel love is meant for reel and real life has no such lofty notions. But we are sooo wrong. It's life changing :)
What happened suddenly ma'am? :) you were doing fine the last time I checked ;)
Renjith Sarada said…
Dear Swapna,

No doubt, this post is an intellectual one. But, personally, I prefer humourous posts from you more!

Happy writing!

Best Regards,
Readers Dais said…
Hi! Sapna,
reel love inspires for real love, but the golden space which u said we have look into, will start giving you the siren and love bells will start ringing when real love love always happen... we never create it, the golden space will make it happen ..we can never ignore that space... :)
R. Ramesh said…
oofff kya baat hi ji..wonderful post ya..
@Shweta: Thanks!

@LIFE: Ya, u guessed right. I forgot to take my mental balance tablets today.

@Renjith: Got your point. Truly appreciate your constructive feedback.

@ReaderDais: I believe the golden space is always full of love. We don't realize it till we meet the right person.

@Ramesh: Thank you, boss, glad to know you liked it.
Abhishek Rai said…
I will try for sure....
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Abhishek. Truly wish you the very best.
colby ranae said…
such a beautiful post... i'm so thrilled and warmed that you stopped by my page... i hope you, and your colleagues, have the most wonderful week. blessings and bliss wishes!