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Memories This Christmas

Christmas involves a magical journey of introspection, reflection and self realization. Picture perfect post cards maybe more tempting but the inner journey is what strengthens the beliefs and adds greater meaning to the occasion.

At times, you may even wonder if the seasonal magic is overhyped but the truth is that by the end of the year, we need to celebrate our new learnings, friendships, experiences and those moments that added so much fun to our life. Christmas packs in the spirit of love. It heralds a new awakening that brings so much joy to our loved ones in the form of gifts and surprises.

This Christmas, the Secret Santa gifts that I recieved from my dear friends in office (Mayank and Priya) made me so so happy. Chocolates, a beautiful stole made from the softest fabric with hints of gold twirls on it, a beautiful Lord Ganesha on a swing and a wooden figurine of Mother Mary brought me so much joy. More than anything, their thoughts that led to the buying of those gifts and actions that pursued my happiness made me feel so loved and pampered. Ultimately, it is love that conquers and melts all barriers.

On Christmas Eve, we sang carols in office with so much energy and love. That was really awesome especially when all of us who sang happened to be non Christians. You don't need to have an official religion to celebrate good occasions and beliefs, do you? That's what spurred us to do what we wanted to do - sing to our heart's content and bring joy to everyone around us.

That isn't all. We had a rockin' office party that started off with so much zest. I had lots of fun and we partied away till past midnight. We shared love and happiness with everyone. Isn't that the meaning of Christmas?

What makes this Christmas unforgettable is that I celebrated it with my son, Adi. We put up a Christmas tree at home and Adi had wanted Santa to give him purple colored gifts. To Adi's surprise, Santa gave him three purple colored gifts! It was so wonderful to share Adi's total delight though he freaked me out when he asked, "Did you put the purple gifts there, Amma?" Celebrating Christmas with Adi has given me and taken me back to many beautiful memories this Christmas. How can I thank my cheeky brat for that? Maybe I should get him more purple colored gifts:)

Wishing you all a very joyous, happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year ahead.


Harini said…
Merry Christmas to you and Adi...

Btw, You have an award in my blog waiting for a long time to be collected :)
BK Chowla said…
Mary X'mas and happy new year t you all.
sangeeta said…
so true you said about the self journey at the end of the day....nice to know about your wonderful gifts..
wishing you a happy season too!!

and hey the panjiri you talked in the last post is such a fave at my place...i made it this season too but it is yet to come to the blog !!
Harini said…
Hi Swapna,

You asked the link

you have 2 awards actually :)
oh wow your Christmas sounds lovely and you really caught the spirit of it LOVE Rebecca
Alison said…
Thank you for visiting my blog! Your blog is so cute!
Happy New Year! Celebrations always bring joy. Wishing Adi more purple colored gifts this year :)
Ramya Manja said…
Hi Swapna,

I just went through couple of pages & I must say ur blog is a show stopper, definitely a catchy one!!!Nice Articulated script....Great going...Loved the Idea of celebrating all festivals in spite of being a Non- Christian ...I too have a same opinion...Thanks for stopping by.....

I wish u have a great year AHEAD...