Display at Cafe Coffee Day, Khan Market

The pic above: I love coffee cups that were so neatly arranged at Cafe Coffee Day, in Khan Market, Delhi.

The color tones are perfect for this eclectic space. Check out the different colored coffee glossies that just tempt you to pick it up. Of course, I got out of the place before my3 year old kiddo became tempted to shoot them down. The only place where he isnt tempted to try that happens to be McDonalds!


DD said…
Thanks for your blog comments...I have to say I relate to your 3 year old wanting to touch everything but in McDonalds....my 2 1/2 year old is the same!
chitra said…
I like to possess variety of coffee mugs but my gypsy life prevents me from doing so.Recently a trip to 'odyssey' chennai was so fascinating for me I spent a long time just looking at c. mugs on display.
Typical of a 3 year old. I can remember visiting a shop with my sister (and her almost 3 year old) who needed to buy a hat for a wedding. On looking away for a second to help sis decide, I turned back to discover her daughter had stripped a very expensive hat of almost all of it's feathers. Whoops.
@DD: Something abt McDonalds wins over kids. I'm trying to figure out what that is:)

@Chitra: Me, too, I love collecting coffee mugs. Odyssey in Delhi has a fantastic collection of books but not too much of the mugs though.

@Petty: Thats really cute but I can imagine your sister's plight. Hope she managed it well.
PS~Erin said…
I LOVE COFFEE!! The smell of that place must have been heavenly.
Swaram said…
Nice :) Thanks for sharing :)

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