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A Typical Kerala Feast

This is a typical Kerala sadhya or 'feast.' To celebrate important occasions like festivals, birthdays and marriages, this is what Hindus in Kerala arrange as part of their lunch. Food habits in Kerala differ from region to region but the sadhya is a favorite with every Keralite.

The pic above shows a sadhya that my mom-in-law arranged for my parents when they came for lunch. My favorite is the paalada which is the yummiest, tastiest payasam or traditional milk dessert that is served at the end of the feast. Scooping it up from the fresh, green banana leaf and tasting it....well, there are just no words to describe the bliss of tasting Kerala's finest paalada. You've got to taste it to believe it.

Needless to say, we all enjoyed it and had a nap right after coz the feast is yummy and sleep inducing:) Thanks to my wonderful, awesome and amazing mom-in-law.


Anup said…
enniku vishekunu...(in case ur not mallu, my mouth's watering on seeing that...and I'm feeling hungry)
manchitra said…

I am going to kerala for Onam. Definitely will have palada. your post was like an appetizer. shall give you details once i am back.
@Anup: Thats what the pic was meant for: to get you hungry! I am glad its serving its purpose:)Thanks.

@Manchitra: Yes, do tell me all about the Onam feast when you get back. I will be a little envious but very happy too. Hope to hear from you soon!