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Say a Prayer for America

I could never have believed that the much raved about middle class Indian's dream (read America) is now falling apart at the seams. It's a story that is worse than the years of Depression that i have read about in American fiction.

No, i am not happy that American famillies are suffering but I am unhappy that President Bush said that Indians are buying up all the grocery which is why Americans have less to eat.

I am not sitting in judgment over the American economic downturn and wondering how is it even possible that American families are buying second hand clothes, skipping their favorite Starbucks coffee to pay for gasoline, gardening to grow the things they can eat, moving to parks than to Disneyland weekend trips, and worse still, losing homes and struggling to pay rent.

In contrast, the economic future does offer a ray of hope in my country that's been looked upon as a nation steeped in poverty by a majority of Indians themselves. Shopping malls in India are so crowded with people who are keen to buy branded stuff. Jewellery stores are flooded with customers. Wave, PVR and Big Cinema complexes are flooded with avid cinema goers every Friday. The snack counters in most malls are long, filled with snack food epicureans. I am surprised that Indian ordinary, middle class and upper class women, working or non working, are the key economic drivers who make businesses continue to function smoothly by being either in it themselves or being consumers of their services.

But I also request all of you to say a prayer for all famillies in America as you read a few of these heart wrenching stories: