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Big Love on HBO

Nowadays, I've got hooked on to HBO's Big Love series. It's not just about a man who has multiple wives, a secret wish that most Indian men are likely to entertain though outwardly they would be too chivalrous to admit so.
Well, coming back to Big Love, it is about a polygamist group, which is banned in the US, and how they live under the fear about the society which we all know will not take kindly to such an arrangement in civilized society.
The main lead features is played by Bill Paxton. As Bill Henrickson, he plays the role of a successful professional based in Utah, to perfection. Always well dressed, well behaved and a decent family man who loves each of his wives, he is the epitome of a fine gentleman.
In Big Love, he runs a successful chain of hardware stores called Home Plus and his home is amidst 3 different wives who live like siblings but in three different homes. All the three homes have one unifying backyard.
The first wife is played perfectly by Jeanne Tripplehorn, who is an epitome of a sacrificing, decent and loving wife while the second wife Nicki as played by Chloƫ Sevigny, who is short tempered, quarrelsome and the least attractive of the lot. The third wife Margene is beautifully portrayed by child like Ginnifer Goodwin. Each wife in this Big Love series has special traits, opinions and individualistic problems that you have to wonder why they're not at each others throats yet.
IBig Love outshines any serial that is currently shown. It is not just a peek into the way how religion, when misinterpreted, can lead to terrible consequences on a society and on a generation itself.
Fact is, regardless of whether these characteres are polygamous or not, the characters are so well etched that neither you nor I would cringe if we had to dine with any of them. Bill Henrickson, the polygamist husband, is such a well mannered, handsome and caring sort of husband that it is a pleasure to observe how he deals with each wife and their conflicts.
In a way, you couldnt even say that his lifestyle is incorrect with what the society believes in because he truly loves and cares for each of his wives even though it was all because of his faith in Mormonism.
I dont support polygamy but nothing will keep me away from Big Love whenever it is shown. True enough, I dont consider polygamists as religious vampires that need to be dealt with severely.
So till then, i intend to get totally stuck on Big Love.