A selfie with Rajkummar Rao

Rajkummar Rao movies are much loved and anticipated in my family, just as Fahadh Faasil movies are eagerly awaited. My teenager was totally star struck when he saw the actor at Lucknow Airport last week and voila, here's the selfie! 

In India, we often see actors show an 'attitude' in public spaces. So, it came as a shock to see Rajkummar Rao keep a very low profile, almost disguise himself with a mask and totally keep to himself in a way that he attracted no attention as he stood with other passengers.

So, how did we figure out that this is the actor?

Few airport personnel at the security gate requested him for selfies and the actor obliged in a very humble way. And that's when we saw him and understood his identity.

In many airports, actors and celebrities are rushed through with 'VIP' status.

For my teenager, it came as a precious lesson to see the humility and simplicity of one of India's finest actors.

When an airport official tried to stop my son from approaching the actor, Rajkummar Rao told the person to let my son come forward.

"Big fan, Sir," my teenager told him and then requested for this selfie.

Tired though he was, he obliged and took the selfie.

Right after, the actor put his mask back on.

He stood in the queue with everyone else to board the flight and stood alone on arrival in Delhi to collect his baggage from the conveyor belt.

For my teen, the message is loud and clear: A down to earth, grounded approach! 

Whatever we do in life, be humble, grounded and caring to others.

That's what makes the journey of life truly meaningful and memorable.

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