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Four Magic Ways to Keep Your Spirits UP!

What to do when you feel bogged down by negative thoughts? These simple tips give you a clue:

1. Do something you enjoy
Bake. Cook. Read your favorite Or better still, go to one of your favorite places and simply chill. Watch people around you, how life moves on and brings out the best in everyone. 

2. Contemplate on how you feel
Work through your observations. Everyone deserves happiness, so do you. It's just your thoughts that tend to choose happiness and unhappiness. Once you know what you want, create your action plan and stick to it no matter how impossible it seems

3. Visualize your dreams
Remember, you alone can make your dreams come true. Visualize and live your dream. You have to help yourself first by taking the first baby steps. Doesn't matter if you fall, get hurt...just NEVER GIVE UP. Keep trying. 

4. Dare yourself to do something like never before
I am a cautious person by nature. I hate taking risks. Afraid of getting badly hurt in the fall. 

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But I did something daring and brave in 2014. It changed my life. Then I did something braver at the beginning of 2015. 
Feels super good to be trying. I am on a roll. Talk to a stranger. Or angels. Whatever makes you happy, just do it!
It doesn't matter that I can fall. Thing is, I am not afraid anymore. I can bend and break the rules. I can dare to do things. 
Letting go of fear is the boost that we need to discover what we are capable of. So, go on. 
Break the rules that bind you.  
What's the bravest you ever did? And looking back, how does it make you feel? 

Would LOVE to know. Do write in.


Asha said…
positive and motivating post, dear SWapna! I did conquer fear once and went on an adventure ride with my family, but i still need to conquer fear on many fronts. Hope i do one day and write to you.
Dear Asha, Happy to know that you liked reading this post...I am still in the process:)) Do write in when you feel you are ready to talk about it. I am certain we will have a lot to learn from your experiences.