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Life is like a meatloaf....

You know what often happens to me when I sit down to write....I think to myself, "It's been written many brilliant writers have done it before me...why should I start writing on this story that's driving me crazy unless I let it out on paper?"

And then there is a delightful quote by Elizabeth Berg, who says, "As for the notion that everything has been said, maybe it has, but life is like a meatloaf, there are so many different ways to present it. What's unique about you is what makes your writing interesting and what makes it shine.

Hmmm, I like that quote. 

Your turn: What do you think makes your writing shine?  Or can you share writers whose writing makes you go 'Hmmm, I've got to read this again!"


KParthasarathi said…
Most of the things are not original.
Someone had said it earlier, may be differently.Still ideas are the same.
But the originality lies in the unique and beautiful way it is expressed.This is something akin to a meal prepared with same menu but a few invest their magical touch.
I read daily posts of many bloggers who write excellently,humorously and intelligently making me sigh at my own inadequacy.
Shilpa Garg said…
I liked that quote a lot! Agree with Mr KP's comment above. It's like we all have the same ingredients to cook a dish but everybody's taste, presentation, style of cooking is different! Some may make it bland and some absolutely mouth-watering! So go on and share your meatloaf! :)
Yes the facts that u have mentioned are true but already been told to u that who so ever has written that particular thing that s not what u gonna do so u carry n with ur own...
Vishnu said…
Hi Swapna, yes, it's all been said before but I think the way we say it makes a difference. Our perspective, our lives and our words make our writing stand out. For example, the concepts of presence and present moment living has been in nearly every religious and spiritual traditions for ages. But then comes a book like Power of Now and succintly breaks down ancient wisdom to practical everyday understanding and steps.

I read the writing of others who helps inspire my own writing. The better read we are, the better we write!