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With Compliments from Adi.

Adi brings home a friend. She is a very sweet looking girl who is wearing a princess-like dress. Being some one who loves to appreciate, I can't resist complimenting her and telling her she looks very beautiful in that dress.

Adi tells me matter of factly, "I told her you look so pretty and beautiful and lovely too but she is not believing me. Amma, please tell her again."


The tough part came when little Adi turned into mischief mode and i know there is just no stopping him. He pasted cake slices into her lovely tresses and she was so upset. Obviously! She came running to me and showed me what he had done.

I gave him a tough scolding just then and he said he was really sorry about i and didnt know cake can stick like that since he isn't a girl.  He showed me his hair to prove the point!

I spent sometime consoling the little distressed girl. We handled the tresses carefully and managed to remove the cake bits that were clinging while Adi was watching on with a very repentant look on his face.

Then off they went to play together but not before I told him very firmly that its important to treat friends with care and i extracted a promise that he wouldn't ever do anything like that again.


Iceman said…
I wish my neighbour could teach that much sense to her kid. She just watches him like a zombie when he goes around tearing up and breaking up stuff.
Vidya said…
Awww... so nice and cute of Adi and you are a sweet mom!