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Gayatri Mantra as Panchamukhi: Get it right or let it go

Most people do not understand the importance of chanting the Gayatri mantra because they are not aware of its power. It is only when I began to read Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's teachings that I learned how sacred and powerful the chanting of the Gayatri mantra is.  

The Vedas represent the breath of God. The Gayatri mantra is the very basis of the Vedas. Try not to undertake chanting the Gayatri mantra as a light endeavor or as a hobby. It has to be chanted with faith, discipline and purity of mind and body. Be steady with your sadhana if you want to reap the spiritual dividend associated with the Gayatri mantra  and never once hesitate once you decide to do it.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba said that the Gayatri Mantra is referred to as Pancha Mukhi, the Goddess with five faces that represent the five pranas or life forces. Here's more on it.

Chant the Gayatri Mantra correctly: Pause Five Times
Here are some important things to keep in mind while chanting the Gayatri mantra:

1. When we recite the Gayatri mantra, we pause five times and take five breaths representing the five pranas. The five pranas comprise of the Panchabhuthas (Akasa, Vayu, Agni, Jala and Prithvi) and the Panchakosas or the five sheaths of the body.

The pause should be as given below and with understanding that it represents the five pranas:
Aum (pause)
Bhur Bhuvah Suvah (pause)
Tat Savitur Varenyam (pause)
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi (pause)
Dhiyo yo nah prachodhayat (pause)

2. The Gayatri mantra must be chanted with faith and enthusiasm thrice a day at dawn, noon and dusk. This is called 'Trikala sandhya' because it is a mantra that purifies all the karma done by a person during the day i.e. karmendriyas. You should chant it when having a bath, before eating food and so on. The Gayatri mantra can be repeated at any time by one who practices it regularly and with devotion. 

3.  Traditionally, the Gayatri mantra must be chanted 108 times. But Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba says that when a target is fixed, the tendency of the mind is to repeat it mechanically. So,  you shouldn't fix a target to tame the mind. You can chant the Gayatri mantra three, nine or eleven times or more based on your level of concentration and interest. Stick to odd number recitation - that is the right way.

4. Women worry whether they can chant the Gayatri mantra when they are having their periods. Spiritual masters say that women can chant any mantra at any time. There is no restriction on it. Whatever restrictions have been placed are artificial and not valid from a spiritual perspective. 

5. Teach children how to chant the Gayatri mantra at the earliest. You should make sure that they understand the meaning before they learn to chant the mantra. This will boost their concentration power, their memory and illumine their intellect at gross and subtle level. The energy field that they will be able to create for themselves by chanting the Gayatri mantra will protect them from disease and danger at the most critical times.  

6. While chanting the Gayatri mantra, every word should be clear as crystal. Don't mumble it or rush through it. Enjoy it slowly as you would eat a delicious pastry, experiencing its texture as it crumbles on your tongue. 

God bless you all.

♥♥  I thank you with all my heart for reading my post. I dedicate this post with love and gratitude to all those who chant the Gayatri mantra. REQUEST: Please SHARE this article on your favorite social networks. Every share, like or tweet makes me reach out to more people whose lives can be made better and happier by chanting the Gayatri mantra with divine awareness of its true power. I am grateful and I appreciate you for doing so. ♥♥


Mélange said…
Thanks a lot Swapna.Since I have taught my 7 yr old daughter,and since it's her favorite mantra so far,this write up was such a blessing to give her.Crisp and clear.Just taken the print out.Thanks once again,
God Bless you too !
Asha said…
Many young boys are initiated into this mantra thorugh yagno paveeth in many traditional hindu families. The mantra also has the effect on the pituitary and parathyroid glands. Many traditional practices of yore are looked down upon by the sandwich generation of today. Gayatri mantra is more relevant to today's times especially when young children of today are so stressed.
and yes your 6th point is truly said. The sanskrit mantras have to be recited properly.

Nice post.
Melange, I am so happy to hear that your daughter is chanting the mantra so early. That is blessed and wonderful. Encourage her to teach other children too. When you teach a mantra to others, your own spiritual energy field is multiplied and it is stored in your own spiritual repository. God's grace reaches you when your spiritual repository is full and abundant. You can draw on it anytime you want because you have worked hard for it. My best wishes to your 7 year old and hope she continues with the sadhana.
Hi Asha, yes, you are absolutely right. Chanting of the Gayatri has so many unimaginable benefits for those who practice it with faith.
R. Ramesh said…
good one swapna ji..thanks for sharing..hi to fmly...
Hey Rameshji, thank you so much. My warm wishes to the family. Hope all of you are gearing up for the New Year.
Ajith said…
very informative post. trying to do it myself and my 6 yr old after reading ur previous post and this one is even more inspiring... One q, do we need it to chant it loudly or silent chanting is fine?
Ajith JI, thanks for reading this post. We could begin with chanting loudly esp for the 6 year old you have, that would be best for helping the mind to focus on the sound with clarity. As you chant more frequently and more comfortably, you can slowly ease into silent chanting - it is considered ideal for spiritual seekers. But first, I'd say chanting loudly would be a good start for your kid especially. Thanks for asking. That was a good question.
Anonymous said…
I am a married woman and I want to chant mantra regularly. But I read somewhere that people having regular sexual activities shouldn't chant gayatri matram. Is it true?? I am newly married and we have sex regularly. Please reply me.
Ram rishi said…
hi swapna,im seetharam, i incompleted my BE degree then i was depressed, one day i read in a book about gayatri mantra, i started to chant gayatri mantra now 3years ago, i have gained hope and happy life, and some strange experience in my dreams. but one should not eat non veg who are on chanting gayatri mantra,tats mandatory. because we are praying and asking the help of gayatri, a universal radiant energy to show us righteous path and enlighten our minds, if this is case if persons eats non veg and chants gayatri mantra his actions and prays do not match. he harms animals and ask gayatri to englighten our minds, how can this be possible?. if one chants gayatri mantra he gets spirirtual guidance by mahagurus. that is 1000% paka. thanks for ur post swapna. i used to love nonveg esp fish, but now 3years ago i did even eat nonveg. everyday i read gayatri stotras written by sage vashista.
Ram rishi said…
hi sir, u can chant gayatri mantra, sex is part and parcel of life, even sage brahmarishi vishwamitra was in relationship with menaka, they had daughter called shakuntala. but should not eat nonveg thats mandatory. while chanting gayatri mantra dont think of sexual activities that is very very dangerous. have a happy life by bless of gayatri mata. sorry swapna i replied him.. if im wrong correct me.

@Ram Rishi: It's interesting to read how chanting the Gayatri mantra has transformed your life and I am very happy that you shared the experience here with other bloggers. Thank you for sharing your Opinion here. I appreciate it.
It's totally fine for you to reply when the words come from your heart and with the strength of your beliefs backing you.
Anonymous said…
The woman is advised not to chant this mantra during the menstrual period because it inhibits her physiological function.
Anonymous said…

The woman is advised not to chant this mantra during the menstrual period because it inhibits her physiological function.

Ram rishi said…
thank you swapna.....:), felt happy by your reply.
@Anonymous: I am afraid that is incorrect. As per great spiritual masters including Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda, Sarada Mata, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and many others, women can chant the Gayatri mantra at anytime including during menstrual periods. There is no Vedic restriction on women.
Radeep Sharma said…
"Jai Gayatri Mata Ji"

I chant this mantra while walking, doing routine work i.e. driving, siting some where alone and more...I guess I am not doing anything wrong or am I???

And can I chant it by taking it as meditation?? I mean can I meditate while chanting gayatri mantra??
Ram rishi said…
hi swapna... how r u? spiritual masters are the way to know the radiant enegry. you know this month on aug 11th i had dream early in the morning, an old man wearing white clothes and come to me with book in a hand, he asking to read this that sai chaitre, this dream came two times. he also said me that im coming up from samadhi to teach you. At that same day my brother was way to shirdi.. in dream i said to that old man that i need your blessing he was just smiling, whenever i used talk with him he used just give a smiley face... from that time i have started reading sai chaitra everyday each chapter..
i like to tel you another thing that i was reading a book about bhagwan sadguru sridhara swami(student of samarath sri ramadasa of sanjanagad). he has wirtten how to love love god and preach god. its completely different approach. i felt very much happy by reading that. everyone should approach in that manner.
rite now im going totally a great experince with spiritual masters. that power of gayatri mantra.
Anonymous said…
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powerastro guru said…
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Vivek R said…
Hi.. I happened to stumble upon your blog via a long traversal of interesting posts from various linked blogs. It gives me immense pleasure to read about the Gayathri mantra. I was initiated to the mantra at the age of 9 and had an up and down relationship with it.

Though I can't claim regular chanting , I do make sure to chant correctly and with utmost pleasure and devotion. The effects of even 15 minutes of chanting is refreshing.

I could feel each and every cell from the tips of my fingers to the tip of my hair react in unison to this great calling.

I thank you for bringing out such a useful article about greatest of them all.. made my day..

and as the name goes.. "Gayantham thraaayathi, saa Gayathri".. "She who protects those who sing of her, is Gayathri"
Anonymous said…
Meaning from

First Word Om (Aum)

It is also called Pranav because its sound emanates from the Prana (vital vibration), which feels the Universe. The scripture says "Aum Iti Ek Akshara Brahman" (Aum that one syllable is Brahman).
When you pronounce AUM:
A - emerges from the throat, originating in the region of the navel
U - rolls over the tongue
M - ends on the lips
A - waking, U - dreaming, M - sleeping
It is the sum and substance of all the words that can emanate from the human throat. It is the primordial fundamental sound symbolic of the Universal Absolute.
Tat simply means "that" because it defies description through speech or language, the "Ultimate Reality."
Savitur means "Divine Sun" (the ultimate light of wisdom) not to be confused with the ordinary sun.
Varenium means "adore"
Bhargo means "illumination"
Devasya means "Divine Grace"
Dheemahi means "we contemplate"
Dhi means intellect
Yo means "who"
Nah means "ours"
Prachodayat means "requesting / urging / praying"
Avni said…
Thanks for sharing this peaceful mantra .very knowledge able blog. while chanting the gaytri mantra every word should be clear as crystal. these mantra `s word is very sacred . every one want jape this mantra .it can provide you a positive thing.
Thanks, dear friends, for reading this post and sharing your positive energy here.

@Avni - You are right. Every word has to be clear as crystal while chanting this mantra.
Anonymous said…
Hi swapna

I am chanting gayathri manthra regularly at 5.30am when I am doing my morning walk is there any problem doing this pls advice...
Ajith said…
btw ,An interesting post about Lalitha sahrasra namam -
Ajith said…
How about article on Hanuman Chalisa?that will be great to read with your writing style..
Thanks for sharing this peaceful mantra .very knowledge able blog. while chanting the gaytri mantra every word should be clear as crystal. these mantra `s word is very sacred . every one want jape this mantra .it can provide you a positive thing.

vashikaran mantra
Gaytri mantra is normally we use to success in our life. Its also use to get back your love etc.

get lost love back
mantra is the internal power of Indian astrology.
Gayatri said…
You make some very good points -- I found it useful. It seems there are other alternative/complementary interpretations of the mantra on the internet. See the following Gayatri Mantra link for an example:

anvidh k said…
Om Sri Hanumante Namah
Read hanuman chalisa to get rid of any obstacles.
Niddhi Prova said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hi swapna...

after long back im visting your Blogg... all these years things have changed alot to me and i guess it same for you!!!... i will start sharing how things changed in my life. with that great mantra.
Jyothi Sree said…
Jai Sree Ram. We all commit sins knowingly and unknowingly.You can ask for forgiveness by reciting the hanuman chalisa . Reciting the opening verses of the Hanuman Chalisa at night at least 8 times helps to remove the sins you may have committed.
Thank you fir the crystal clear explanations on the Gayathri help dispel certain myths especially that part on women chanting.God bless!
Thank you fir the crystal clear explanations on the Gayathri help dispel certain myths especially that part on women chanting.God bless!
sumith rajan said…

I am chanting maha mrityunjaya mantra 108 times a day.
Can I chant the maha mrityunjaya mantra after having non veg food?

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