Sunday, July 1, 2012

Are Relationships hurting us?

"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.” ― Nicholas Sparks

As we move into a technology-dominated world, I believe that the chances of most relationships hurting us and sometimes getting more complex and messy signals the natural order of things in the Universe - the choices we make as we battle conflict with others and our own expectations and desires.

As the spiritual masters often tell us, we are all manifestations of the Supreme Divine Energy and for the same reason, we are all connected to one another at some energy level or the other. Then why do things go wrong? Why do relationships turn more complex and in the process, hurt us?

While meeting up with some close friends over the weekend, I discussed this at length. Interesting views came across and I thought it would be great to share it here in a blog post. These views are not my own but that of friends with whom I had this discussion.

Getting hurt in relationships?

1. As a society, we don't accept relationships that occur in the present naturally. We feel a need to put labels on it. But in reality, we have karmic connections with hundreds of people in this lifetime at so many different levels.

2. Is it fair to label a few, leave out the rest in the order of depth, energy and connection we have with them? Can we not let relationships flow into our life normally without pinning them down with labels and therefore, the burden of expectations?

3. All relationships begin with a purpose of harmonizing the different facets in our own personality. It is we ourselves who change the harmonious aspect by our thoughts, words, reactions and of course, actions. Expectations also play a tremendous role in creating negative energy around some or perhaps many of our relationships.

4. If we take the universal Hindu approach that says "Vasudaiva kutumbakam," it sums up the timeless nature of our oneness with the Universe and the Divine energy and with each other as well.

We are all different manifestations of energies that have emerged out of one Divine Energy. In this Cosmos, time is fleeting. Do we need to let relationships control and hurt us?

Or, do we let it flow into our life naturally as it was meant to be?

Do you really need labels in your relationships? What for?
Think about the relationships in your life - the important ones, the significant ones, the small, fleeting ones. Relate these thoughts and your own experiences and lets talk about how you feel. Or rather, let me wait for you to tell me how you connect to this.

But first, a question: do you feel your relationships need a label for it to be harmoniously accepted in your present life?


ssstoryteller said...

Beautiful Question

That which I have not yet allowed myself to ask or talk about...
The tendency to label and quantify or qualify relationships puts us through much pain...
if we really see them(relationships) as connections made in this life time or from other lifetimes we can be more accepting of the ebb and flow of it too..

Yet of course not every one views it this way...and one can easily abuse the these bonding, when we willingly hurt another

we dont choose many of our relationships, but it chooses us if we are open enough/listen to those unconscious moments when the choosing happens...

please do share your thoughts too

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Like you mentioned, a lot of people abuse trust in relationships and therefore the relationships that choose to come into our lives need to be accepted with clarity of vision, patient understanding and non-judgmental acceptance.


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