Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the way...a dash of fun

This October, my parents had taken me to Guruvayoor Temple as it had been three years since I went there. I love going there. On our way back, we were really tired and we stopped at a small teashop to have tea and pazhamporis. It was yummy. The tea shop overlooked the waters and there were chinese nets all around. Some fishermen were in their canoes, waiting for some fresh catch. I showed Adi how beautiful it all looked and he was so fascinated, seeing so much water around.  He didn't want to come away and I was tired but excited to see my little boy's joy too. Dad said, let me click your pic together and Adi was saying something to Dad in the, that is this pic.


Sonia said...

It's amazing how little moments get captured and become memories that last forever.


There must be crazy crowds at Guruvayoor this time of the year! How did you manage? Anyway! The effort is worth a darshan of the kutti krishnan!
Is this the brat who gave you a tough time at the airport!!! cant believe. He looks so innocent! :)

chitra said...

Love the pic. I have seen Adi with Sanand too.

Vidya said...

Lovely pic! And the junior is adorable:)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

@Sonia - thx, true...I agree.

@Life_Refactored - My god, the crowd out there was unbelievable. I was really worried about Adi and held on to him coz so many kids were getting lost from their parents in the crowd.

@chitra - hey, thx!

@Vidya - thx!


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