Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Jig! Best Compliments in 2010

Just because I am always smiling, it doesn't mean that I am always having fun. Life is a roller-coaster ride, with some awesome, happiness-filled moments and those that make it difficult to hide your tears. Still, it always feels good to look back at the year that was. 

For me, 2010 is the year that brought me more compliments than I've got in my life, me thinks. When things go wrong, I come back to read these words, not to feel 'egoistic' but to feel happier and confident.

So, here I am sharing with you some of the compliments that made me happy!

In 2010, the best compliment I've got is directly from Baba who told me, "I am happy with the work that you have been doing. Very happy." It meant a lot to me because I was always having doubts, "Does my work matter? Does it help anyone?" Swami's words intensified my efforts on Law Is Greek and I dedicate that to Him.

If at any point, you think that I am showing off, forgive me. 
That is not the intention.

                                           [Image Courtesy: Pixabay]

Okay, so here I am sharing these beautiful messages from some fine people:

God bless you in whatever you do, you will definitely succeed. You have my blessings always. - PH Parekh 

2. You are my Guardian Angel. When you are beside me, I feel as though my mother (who passed away) is right there with me. - P.R.

3. I love what you are is so important...great work and keep going.  - Actress Revathy

4. If someone criticizes you, they are the losers. They don't know how fabulous you are. You are the best. - Sangeetha (Yeah, that's my sis....the one who's my strength and strongest critic!)

5.  Your secret to looking good lies in your simplicity.  - Anshuj Shrivastava

6.  You are gorgeous as you are. Don't feel conscious in anyway. - Karthi Nair

7. You are too good for today's world.  People try to take advantage of your goodness. - M.S.

8.  It is a pleasure to talk to you because you listen, you understand and you ask the right questions in the right way. - Prof. Monnippally, IIMA

9. When you write about God, I really like to read it. - A.P.  

10. You are my favorite. You've inspired me a lot.  - Alka Nair

11.  You make others happy :)) Isn't that the best thing a person can get?  - K Sekher

Every one of these compliments, I hold close to my heart. Thank you, God.


Sonia said...

Swapna, just wanted to tell you that though I haven't met you in person ever, I could always feel really positive vibes coming from you ... in your blog posts, and in the messages we somtimes exchanged.
Stay like this forever :)

karthi said...

Chechi... hoping to meet u in this coming year :) i feel like telling again u're gorgeous :)

Vidya said...

Nice to have found a positive person through this blog! Happy great years ahead Swapna!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

@Sonia - thanks so much...I really feel good to read your feedback...hope to be the way I am, always...wish to meet you soon, sometime.

@Karthi - thx, you r a darling and you always pep me up.

@Vidya - Wonderful to meet you too, and hope you have a great year in 2011 and beyond!


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