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It's a Rainy Day...what would you eat?

Growing up in Kochi where rains are an everyday affair, my first concern was always to find creative ways to enjoy it like walking in the rain, feeling the raindrops slide down my face and believing this is what it means to be one with Nature. I always love shopping in the rain so that its a great excuse to get drenched! Of course, I get scolded for it, even now!

When I was a kid, I remember my mother teaching me to sing, "Rain rain, go away, Come again, another day" and now I teach my son the same rhyme. Watching the rains with my parents and sister is now a distant memory but it is the memory that springs to mind all the time. Relationships are always based on love, but in today's times, love itself has become an abstract concept. (Shobit whose blog is titled Mindzspeak has an interesting post on this. To read it, click here.)

Rainy days make me hungry. I am so used to munching on something hot and having some hot tea while enjoying the rains.

In the pic below taken at Hotel Abad's Pavilion Restaurant in Kochi, you will find Adi is ready to enjoy a bowl of sweet corn chicken soup. He loves the corn pieces in the soup and asks for more corn.

Guess what I had? I just couldn't resist their special fried chicken with a coleslaw like sauce. It was just awesome. The chicken tasted very crisp, subtle and so delicious that I can go into a trance just thinking about it. The sauce enhanced its flavor.

It's a rainy day. Tell me what you'd love to eat, the memories that come alive as you think of your favorite food and how the rains just bring back so many nostalgic moments into our mind.

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Shilpa Garg said…
Oooh! That makes me hungry too!!

I have been to Kochi many times and have always stayed at Abad Plaza! And I always relished the food out there!! Especially the iddiappams!!

Shopping in the reains!! That's a thing...I have never tried!! :D
Uma said…
Chilli bajjis are my fav. for rains... from a kerala perspective, probably some hot steaming plate of kappa?
Thanks for the mention, Swapna! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
chitra said…
You get really tasty stuff in Kochi Abad and I feel that is the only posh hotel in kochi.
for a rainy day i like to sip hot filter coffee with pakodas
AJinkya said…
you must have gone ummmmmmmm! yummm!

Well one has to be lucky to get crispy chicken when its raining...
I would love to be in the sheds of a chai-tapri anywhere on this earth when its raining ;)

Haven and Home said…
Hi! I came here from another blog and I am glad I did. I love your description!

I love the rain, I am trying to think of what it reminds me of. Mac and cheese comes to mind!
Petty Witter said…
Thanks for visiting me at Pen And Paper - your kind comments really meant a lot to me.

Let me think now, it's a rainy day .... what would I eat? It would have to be Hubby's vegetable soup with dumplings. Yum
Deviki @ Viki said…
kochi ahhh kerala huh ? Wow never really met another malayali in my followers list LOL...neway i'm also the type of person who gets very hungry well it's pouring outside ....weird how that works ....i'm at office now and your food picture makes me wanna have that for lunch LOL
Shobhit said…
Ohhh my God...

You really stirred the taste buds in me... And the mouth-watering pictures didn't help too... :(

Wonderfully presented.

And thanks for mentioning my post on your blog. :)
PS~Erin said…
It's raining here too. I'm craving chili!!

That chicken looks pretty darn scrumptious too!
workhard said…
Oh yum.. i love coleslaw.. and the chicken... im hungry ;)

Make website india
YAY, its great to talk about food and rains! And shopping, of course!
Rohit said…
glad to meet another kochite :)

The food looks delicous..Abad's pretty decent
Great to meet you too, Rohit, esp. since you are a kochiite.
Tara G. said…
Yummy! I love to curl up with a book and some hot chocolate on a rainy day. Thank you for stopping by my blog! We sponsor a little girl through Compassion that is also from India; we are thrilled every time we find a letter in our mailbox from her!
Abhilash said…
Cochin is super and so is the food here... sometimes :)

There is a hotel called Mammas in Petta, 2 kilometers from vaitilla...

They prepare good north Indian food. I hope it is better than Abad...


Enjoy boss...
Swati said…
Pakodas and rains go hand in hand
mathew said… so hungry looking at the pic of that chicken leg!!;-P
Thank you all for staying long enough to become hungry:) Bon appetit!
Readers Dais said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Readers Dais said…
ABAD of my freind during our coleege days read it as A BAD PLAZE..ur post says its not that bad right!rain & eating out..hmmm..something that glides me to memories..not in front of a table,but running around in rain,climbing trees,fighting for mangoe or gauva and finally getting beaten up back at home...sweet memories...

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