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Best way to build a strong online identity - Be passionately desperate

The biggest change in my life happened when the world of Internet opened up amazing opportunities to unlock, receive and send information. We all agree now and take this as a part of our life - emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But these were not a reality back then when I was growing up. Back in the 90s, it wasn't even something I would have guessed would become an integral part of who I am today. But you are bound to laugh out loud when you figure out how I became so hooked to the Internet. Get ready for a good laugh.

                                             [Image: Pixabay]

I was passionately in love and desperate with a guy who had gone to the UK to study and according to 'well-wisher' sources, would not be likely to return soon. Yes, you read it correctly, my friend. As we all know, being in love makes you fearless and ready to undertake any risk and put in any effort to make things work.

I was passionately in love, desperate to make the relationship work. That is how the world of Internet opened up to me, courtesy seedy looking Internet cafes that lined MG Road and Convent Road in Kochi. I spend hours daily trying to figure out how to send email, then how to send an email with attachments, then how to open an email, how to identify spam, how to change the password, etc. You get the drift. [ app: This is what I discovered once I signed in ]

From there, I guess I have come a long way. But what took me there was personal desperation. It was a strong passion to communicate to the guy I was in love with. And it worked! For you, it could be to communicate your passion about something that is special to you with the rest of the world - like how Vidya Suri and Vishnu convey their personal musings so meaningfully through their blogs.

Tell the world about it in your own words, weave it into the tapestry of your own journey and unique experiences. Remember, you do risk getting bashed online too like I got bashed here where people threw in their angry comments when I shared a personal experience related to caste.

Be ready to be bashed too. You learn something new every day.

Coming back to building a strong online identity, the one thing you need to figure out is what you are passionate about - you know, the good stuff - it could be baking cakes, photography, etc. 

So, figure out your passion, put the passion on display and start consistently building on what you know and then, boom!

There's magic. [DO read: There's no woman on the Moon]

It doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, yes - even magic takes time to bring results. But without a seed of passion, there's no magic to make things crackle and bring the results you want.

When you find what you are passionate about, do let me know. I'd love to hear.