Monday, February 14, 2011

Young at heart Census Lady

Yesterday morning, a middle aged lady came home. She came to take the Census survey. Courteous, well spoken and warm, she asked about the details she needed to complete the survey.

I had to sign on the paper with the date. I looked at her, enquiringly for the date.

She smiled, and said, "How can you forget today's date? It's Valentine's day. You young people should be celebrating, isn't it?"

I turned red. Some people are blessed enough to be young at heart. I looked back at myself, wondering whether the years of this rebellious romantic spirit that had once been mine has gone - somewhere down the line, I have become more serious about my life, like a typical Indian mom, and I guess I am more Indian than I'd imagined. 


Vidya said...

I'd like to believe every day is a Valentine's day. But am an Indian mom too:)

Swati said...


Gopan K said...

I think even the so called Indian mom can keep it at heart, will not be a problem till they start to expect it literally in life everyday! The topic is really thought provoking, giving a glimpse about the realization and withdrawal of the Indian mom from their little fantasies and romantic moments. I don't know why its so necessary but its clearly observable in every part of the society. I am sure the opposite is not a great thing, i mean living in a romantically fabricated virtual world and forget the responsibilities but i feel a complete withdrawal is not a great idea too. Salutes to those moms for burying their fantasies and living a life for building their families

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Thanks Vidya, Swati and Gopan.

I will write a more detailed post on this because your responses inspire me to. Do watch out for it, please.


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