Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Memorable Sunday Morning Indeed

This pleasant morning, we went to the Supreme Court early morning, where my husband had an early morning conference. Jyotiraditya, whom we call Adi, played in the lawns right in front of the Supreme Court. Truly, it was a beautiful sight and experience. The splendor of India's greatest and supreme institution that safeguards and upholds the Rule of Law and delivers justice with soverign power, cannot be described in words. Not everyday can one get this golden opportunity, to soak in the sun and enjoy such beautiful, peaceful moments in front of the country's iconic institution.

We sat and played a lot under the trees.  Birds were singing. It was so quiet that we sat for at least three hours, playing, talking, singing and finally, reading chapters from Bob the Builder, a book that Adi has taken quite a fancy to.

Then, we went to the German Christmas Market, at Nyaya Marg.

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