Friday, September 17, 2010

We are Family!

Last week, we went to watch the KJo movie 'We are Family.' The movie is a remake of the popular Hollywood flick, Step Mom. We knew what to expect in the movie so it wasn't something so great to write home about but it was a good film to watch.

My four year old loved the movie. From start to finish, he was so engrossed in the family drama. That night, Adi hugged me tight and said, "Amma, please don't die, please don't. I have no body to look after me or love me if you die. Please dont have an operation."

That night, he kept saying in his sleep, "Please don't die, Amma. Please don't die."

It struck me then how this film can impact the emotions and vulnerable side of kids, something the movie makers never even hint about because the trailers show the happy, fun side of being a family. In India, most families go to watch movies with their kids, so shouldn't the film makers have either suggested an age limit for kids or something? For profit, people in the entertainment business have a right to showcase the best highlights of their product but there should be an ethics to this, especially if you are showing a movie to be about families and kids and the movie can impact smaller kids in a tumultous way.

Of course, Adi came out of the phase in a day. Whenever I look weak, he fusses more over me because he worries that I will die.

Yesterday, the little guy tells me, matter of factly, "We are a good family so please don't get sick like the mom in that movie. If you get sick, I will have to go and get myself a new mother. I don't want to do that, Amma."

LOL! Talk about emotional threats.



"I'll have to get another mom.." ha that's a good start and spoken like a true Martian!
I'm yet to take my four year old to a movie just for the very reason reason you cite.. unwanted emotional impact.
I know people who watch the movie once, even if its a kids movie and then go through a second sitting with the child if they find the entire movie acceptable!
Maybe you could try that time permitting albeit

R's Mom said...

hahaha! he is cute na...but you are right..we should really have an age group certificate for the movies we should kids...the emotional baggage is too much to handle sometimes

BK Chowla, said...

The initial reviews were so poor that i missed the movie.

Anonymous said...

I would not suggest taking young kids to watch movies with adult themes, be it in any language. My son is soon turning three and I dont see myself taking him to a theatre anytime soon, not until he is old enough to deal with the impact of excessive sound in the cinema halls. And when I do introduce him to movies, it will be children's films, friendly animations et al. I'd rather he watch a Lion King then an inane Bollywood/Hollywood flick at such a tender age !!!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Thanks friends for the interesting perspectives and let it keep coming and growing into good values for us all.


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