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Karthik Calling Karthik ....

Stepping into the theater to watch Karthik Calling Karthik, I felt a sense of expectation from the movie. To confess, I adore Farhan Akhtar because he comes across as an intelligent, constantly thinking man. Not hero stuff but in real life, he has got all that matters - brains, wit and logic that comes across in his warm persona. 

From the moment I saw the way Karthik (Farhan) behaved, I sensed that he had some disorder that began in his mind, the body language was not that of an introvert, but of someone who is going through mental breakdown. Many moments in this movie made you want to live in a world where vulnerable individuals like Karthik are given the space to be the way they want to be. 

However, in the real world, things get nastier and to survive, it becomes a question of joining the worst or being bullied by the worst.  I loved the part where Karthik learns the importance of saying 'NO' firmly. I think there are too many nice people in this world who are taken for a ride because they are too nice to say no.

The first half of the movie is better than the second. The first half gives you a glimpse into the way of life Farhan is used to and how he tries to fight the pattern. The pressures of the work environment and a boss who treats vulnerable, hardworking Karthik like shit is also something we can connect to. There are also has some romantic moments with the love of his life, Deepika Padukone, who notices his existence after years for reasons left to the viewer's imagination.  

The role of Shefali as a doctor was not convincing enough because the dialogue delivery was not as powerful and significant as it should have been.  The role of Deepika could have been more defined but it goes without saying that she looks beautiful and does her part very naturally. The role of the boss which was brilliantly acted out by Ram Kapoor was a full fledged one.

A couple of things that I was not convinced about is that while the character of Karthik is very well etched out, there are several parts of the screenplay that didnt seem to fit in or felt compromised. The second half drags on and makes you want to walk out because there just doesnt seem to be any point in watching the movie. The sluggish pace becomes very difficult to sit through. Further, a guy who had been suffering from poor self-esteem goes through a lightning fast makeover due to a call from his alter ego, Karthik. The part about the phone calls evoked suspense but some parts of it didn't seem to fit in well.

I am not convinced by the message or purpose of this movie but for those of you who want to see an unconventional Bollywood flick where the hero is not named "Rahul" and doesn't act like a candyfloss guy, this movie may be interesting and intellectually stimulating to watch. Also, Deepika Padukone just lights up the landscape with her ethereal smile.


Harini said…
Everyone is having mixed reviews on this one. I am now confused if to watch it or not. Hey btw i changed my blog address :).
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Hey, who was minding your overactive pre-schooler while you went out for the movie? ;)
Eswari said…
I have been waiting for this Movie to come....just like u...i too adore farhan akthar...i agree with all the qualities u said on top i like his voice too....any ways though i am hearing the mixed reviews...i would love to watch it...thanks for ur review... its always better to take the review from the fans!
BK Chowla, said…
It must be a one time see for sure.
I would see it for Deepika.
Abhishek Rai said…
KCK is an awful movie and completely waste of time, except some moments during the first half of the movie.
Big disappointment and a complete "No' "No", if anybody is planning to watch it.
Jean said…
I got more or less the same comments about the movie from others, too. (In fact, a friend contributed a review to my blog on the same lines!)

'where the hero is not named "Rahul"':

I would add, or 'Raj' :-)

R. Ramesh said…
thanks S.. for yr kind suggestion...will try my best to folo what u say..cheers and wishes to fmly..
Readers Dais said…

Thanks for sharing, btw which are ur fav movies till date?
Thanks Jean and RRamesh for sharing your thoughts.

@ReadersDais, I've got a lot of favorite movies but if i had to pick just a few, here you go:

1. You've Got Mail
2. My Best Friend's Wedding
3. Notting Hill
4. Mouna Ragam (Tamil)
5. Roja (Tamil)
6. Ka ka, Ka ka (Tamil)

I have too many favorites in Malayalam so i won't delve into it. Thanks for asking.
@Harini - Plz share your new blog address.

@Cool Lassi - We took Adi for the movie.

@Eswari - Ya, I too LOVE Farhan Akhtar's voice.

@BK Chowla - Yes, true to a great extent.

@Abhishek - I seriously think the movie is worth a one time watch because it is unconventional and thought provoking without getting preachy or sentimental candyfloss into the storyline.

Thanks all of you for sharing your thoughts on the movie.
Shona said…
I too waited for KCK but was kind of disappointed with the movie.... Maybe a better one next time
i was abt to watch this 2marw..nice reviwe.. :)
Sarah Naveen said…
Love your writing style..I dint see KCk yet..mainly because i dont understand hindi well :) ,but i love Frahan.. and dint see My name is khan , because, when i saw the trailor , i got a feeling that it might make me cry..but i love SRK and kajol.. can use any fish instead of tuna.i used it just because its handy here..if you are using other fish , be sure to cook it a bit more time.
Gulmohar said…
Thanks for the review..still thinking whether to watch it or
Thanks for the warm thoughts - Shona, Lena, Sarah and Gulmohar. Would love to know your thoughts with every new post so please visit again.

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