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A week ago, I watched an English movie called 'Shine' which is supposedly a real life account of one of the world's most famous pianists. The story begins with an oppressive childhood. A father who oppresses his family because of his obsession with music and forces his son to cultivate the same love for music. Out of fear more than interest, the little boy begins to learn and is so brilliant that he reaches great milestones at every phase. The only person who stays unimpressed is his father who wants him to reach higher and higher.

Some very touching moments in this movie left me shaken. These are:

Religion is Nonsense

The father tells the boy, "Religion is nonsense. It's also a goldmine if you know where to tap it."

I'm a Lucky Boy

The father constantly shouts and finds fault with the little boy and makes him repeat, "I'm a lucky boy." He doesnt notice that his son has tears in his eyes whenever he says it because he doesnt believe a word of it.

Life is Cruel

The father tells his son, "Life is cruel but you have to find a way to survive."

I know Whats Best
When the father is questioned about a decision, he defends himself, saying, "I know what's best coz I am his father." 

I found these snippets to be thought provoking. What about you?


BK Chowla, said…
Interesting.I have not seen the movie but now may do so.
R. Ramesh said…
interesting of course..people just say think positive..but i find no one has time to relax..when me and friend faiyaz were sitting outside a mumbai rail station and kept watching people (hey not just girls)..i realised the value of a break..some leisure..hey maam..where r u running? u dont have time to listen? c, i told u..
Iddy Albatross said…
Will have to see the movie to correctly comment on the snippets. Still, from what you've said on the blog, I've got mixed feelings about this. On the one side, it feels as though the father had been wrong... but then again, had the father not pushed him so much, the son might never had made it. Like I said, mixed feelings.

I hope this comment didn't end up being a waste of good webspace :D hehe
This movie left me sad. I somehow could not come to terms with the way David ends up.
But the father gives one chillingly complex performance that makes you think that the guy is for real. I would recommend this movie just to watch Armin Mueller-Stahl one sublime performance.
Apparently this film ran into trouble with the family disputing the portrayal of certain incidents.
Good watch nevertheless. Don't expect it to cheer you up though :)
Abhishek Rai said…

I have watched this movie too. a very heart-rending one.

some teary eyes...
Harini said…
i havent seen the movie yet. But i wanna see it now :)
Jagruti said…
haven't seen the movie yet...i need to see through reading your post i've a mix feelings too..

cheers keep visiting..
Ramya Manja said…
Very Interesting,don know how I missed watching this movie...After going through ur post I got to watch this...

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