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What's Your Favorite Cake?

Khan Market is one of my favorite places, not only because it is a place where stories can be plucked from people's conversations and mannerisms but this is an amazing hub for food lovers. You can find all types of food that is sure to appeal to your sense of taste.

Here is a yummy walnut cake from Sugar&Spice. From the moment you enter their store, you will find yourself bumping into either foreigners looking through different types of cheese (Belgian, French, Danish etc) or Indians who pretend to be just like the foreigners wearing those outrageously expensive 'phoren' perfumes and even sounding like them! God, when will we learn to respect being us, I really don't know, but I couldn't resist this walnut cake. It has a slightly nutty flavors and isn't all that sweet but if you like tasting exotic stuff, this one's for you so have it!

What's your favorite cake? Do you make it or buy it?

Tell me all about it.


ssstoryteller said…
i like yr comments about the phorenness of bakeries!
My fav. cake is the one I happen to make at home ...once in a blue moon...when it turns out well...which Hubs and children eat with unabashed praises...I love That cake!!
Shahid Mukadam said…
I aint a huge fan of sweet stuff, but there are days when I need sweet, and cakes are one of them, the walnut cake was really nice....
PNA said…
Oh! I love cakes, planning to bake a dozen when I'm home in a few days time... a rich dark Chocolate cake, anyday, my fav!

And yes, fakoo foreingers!! Aw!! that imitation of the use talking!! never-ending phase in our country!!
rimz said…
awww nice post..
i too love the walnut cake though d chocolate pastries r my fav...:)
R's Mom said…
yummmmmmm!!! I so love that cake....Wanna have a bite now...I love cakes in any form and shape...:):) though chocolate is evertime favorite!!
Susan Deborah said…
How nice to visit your blog Swapna. Lovely one you got here.

The cake looks delicious enough. Wondering if cakes could turn real while clicking on them!!

Any nicely made cake with TLC is good enough for me (no creamy ones except for rich gooey chocolate).

We usually buy cakes and sometimes amma bakes them for Christmas.

Wonderful remainder of the day.

Joy always,
BK Chowla said…
Yes but it is very expensive at S$S.
My wife makes it at home.
grace said…
That pic of the cake is soooooooo tempting.Cooking or baking is not my cup of tea. Besides i have really had very few good egg less cakes but I loved the ones in Flurrys and Cookie Jar, both in Cal.
lostworld said…

Mine has to be chocolate.Period. I do not even touch other flavours with a barge pole !!
Malar Gandhi said…
I love cakes...planning to bake something for X-mass, you gave me an idea, thanks dear.
denysmaco0l said…
nice post friend....!!!!

please visit me back!!!!
Culture of Indonesia

Rohit said…
Aha..wlanut cake! my fav! No I am incapable of making cakes ...I buy it as teh effort is less and it obviously would taste better .hehe..delicious pic!
VS said…
I love carrot cakes. Its has lesser calorie than others (thats the way I console myself) he he!

Your cake looks super cool!
Shruthi said…
I louuurvvee chocolate cake.
I cannot bake :( but my sister bakes really well. So if I have to choose from her kitchen it has to be the Blackforest cake. She is an expert now hehe..
Hip Grandma said…
don't tempt me.I am diabetic and cannot have cakes however much I love them.BTW thanks for your input at my blog and you are very correct.
Saranya said…
Walnut cake looks yummy! Want to have a bite right now :)
Deepthi_Alvares said…
Walnut cake!!! It looks so yummmm..... said…
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It's great to know that most of you are tempted by cakes! At least, I realize that I have good company!

Thank you all!
dilontherocks said…
Wow..look so yummy....

But merely looking at it..I feel I have already put on some pounds..:))

I better get up from desk and walk..:)
Iddy Albatross said…
Khan Market... I love that place! And even though Sugar & Spice is a regular hangout, Khan Chacha's mouth watering kababs and rolls is what we go there for most often... and sometimes, when we're in the mood, also for a quick bite of the banana waffle (topped with lots of maple syrup) at Big Chill :D

Damn, I miss that place right now... and it's just 12:00 in the afternoon! hehe
@Dilontherocks: Ya, I am in the same boat too.

@Iddy: I know what you mean about Khan Market. Did you know that Khan Chacha's has shut down due to some legal issue? No more of thsoe mouth watering kababs and rolls! Isn't that shocking?

Well, that's life. I love Big Chill:)
Haddock said…
Oh that looks yummy.
For more on cake see post "Baking is another option"

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